A Message From Our President

Our President The Cheyney Foundation was originally organized and incorporated in 1971 as the Cheyney State College Building Fund for the purpose of stimulating voluntary private support from alumni, parents, friends, corporation, foundations and others for the benefit of Cheyney University of Pennsylvania. The name was officially changed in 1986 to “The Cheyney Foundation!”
Please Make a DonationEvery dollar you donate to the Cheyney Foundation goes towards advancing the University’s mission and strategic goals. A gift of any size makes a difference and is vital to the prosperity of the University. We thank you in advance for your generosity and lifetime support!

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Cheyney News

The Cheyney Foundation will utilize this section to keep you up to date with the latest news pertaining to the Cheyney Foundation. Be sure to check back frequently to get the latest news regarding our organization.

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Why You Should Help!

  • When it comes to long-term-investing, we believe nothing provides more of a return than a solid sustained investment in educating and cultivating the mind.
  • As the cost of education rises however, and the level of public support decreases, the educational equation becomes out of balance.
  • A downward trend towards a less educated society tips the scales towards inequality, dependency, poverty and crime
  • We simply ask that all those who understand the mathematics of education, continue to invest in education for the long-term.
  • A positive return on investment in education means a future labor force that produces in multiples beyond that which was invested and later produces families that will reproduce even greater fruit.