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About Us

Our Background

The Cheyney Foundation was established in 1971 and subsequently applied to IRS for as a 501(c)(3) non-profit status by former Cheyney State College President Wade Wilson, and others (later renamed Cheyney University of Pennsylvania) and others to enable the school to accept tax-deductible donations. Since its founding 46 years ago, the Cheyney Foundation has been committed to supporting Cheyney University. 

Over the years, the Foundation has given over $2.4 M to the University to support a variety of different areas, such as assistance with the Arts department, Cheyney’s Marching Band, feasibility study for renovation of athletic facilities, faculty professional development, etc. The majority of these funds have been given back to the University in the form of scholarships for students.

Amplifying support for cheyney University

By raising money and managing private gifts for the university, the Cheyney Foundation amplifies support for Cheyney University and the programs, departments and facilities that you are most interested in supporting. Your gift has the ability to transform a life, develop a cure, motivate a faculty member or enhance the Cheyney experience. We cannot abide by our mission without support from donors like you.

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