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The Resurgence Fundraising Campaign

Cheyney University is in the midst of a dynamic turnaround.

A new vision.  A new trajectory.  A new leadership team.  A new applied research institute.  New strategic partners.  A new and cutting-edge approach to our students’ success.  And a renewed commitment to excellence.

Under the dynamic leadership of President Aaron A. Walton, Cheyney University is garnering attention for its compelling vision and comprehensive strategy.

Specifically, our three-pronged approach entails:

(1) executing bold strategies centered around student success, financial strength, and the highest standard of excellence;

(2) Creating a new model for higher education by forming public-private partnerships which enable career-informed curriculum and generate nontraditional sources of income; and

(3) growing enrollment and establishing a dynamic student body through increased academic standards and by attracting highly engaged students.

This year we celebrated Cheyney’s 184th year anniversary and continue to protect its legacy. The “Resurgence” campaign is designed to raise at least $ 10 million dollars.

With your generous support we can continue to ensure the university’s future. For this reason, the Foundation will continue to expand fundraising opportunities with support for internal and external stakeholders including students and alumni.

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